Capt Ron St-Amour, CD

    Capt St-Amour will commence his retirement leave on 20 Mar 10 after 34 years and 10 months of honourable service. Capt St-Amour joined in 1975. After a successful career in the NCM, where he reached the rank of CWO and occupied successively 4 ESR, CFSME and 3 ASG RSM positions, he took his Capt commission under SRCP and ended his career at CFSME as OSS Tp Comd. He served in Bosnia (1995) under UNPROFOR. Capt St-Amour is happily married to Diane and has a son (Martin) who now serves in the CF as an Infmn. Capt StAmour spend the next little while dreaming of his wife's upcoming retirement and assuming his grandparent responsibilities more seriously.

    As per Capt St-Amour's request, there will be no formal retirement ceremony; however, the retirement coordinator, Maj Jérémie Emond, will gather anecdotes and letters for a bulk presentation to Capt St-Amour. You can send your letters and anecdotes to CFSME (Attention Maj J. Emond) or by email to or by FAX to 5064221222.