Capt Roger Dewland, CD

    • Captain Roger Dewland, CD

    Captain Roger Dewland, CD will retire on 10 February 2018 with more than 42 yrs of service to the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Engineers.

    Captain Dewland was born in Gaultois, Hermitage Bay, NL and completed his secondary education in Milltown, Bay d’Espoir where he graduated from Milltown Integrated Central High in 1975. On completion of High School, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces and completed Basic Recruit Training at Cornwallis, NS from August to November 1975 and then it was off to CFSME Chilliwack for QL3 Field Engineer Trades Training. On completion of QL3 training, he was posted to CFB Petawawa, 1 Field Squadron, (now 2 CER) in March of 1976.

    Shortly after arriving in Petawawa he was tasked as part of Op GAMESCAN supporting the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec. At the end of this task, then Spr Dewland was posted to 4 Field Squadron (4 CER) Lahr Germany. He spent five years in Germany, was employed as a Section member, Section Driver, Troop Storeman and Section 2I/C. He completed his QL5A, Combat Leaders Course, Driver Tracked Course, Communications Course, and a French Commando Course.

    Captain Dewland was promoted to Corporal in August of 1979 and to Master Corporal in August of 1981 just prior to returning to Canada and a posting to 22 Field Squadron, CFB Gagetown. While at 22 Field Squadron he was employed as a Section 2I/C and a Section Commander, returning to Germany for a Flyover Ex in the Fall of 1982. He completed his QL6A from January to June of 1983.

    In August of 1983, he was promoted to Sergeant and posted to 2 CER, CFB Petawawa. While in 2 CER, Captain Dewland was employed as the Regimental Transport Sergeant, Instructor at the Royal Canadian Regiment Battle School for five months, Section Commander, Recce Sergeant (for 3 years, best job ever), Troop Warrant, and Regiment Training Warrant Officer. Completed, QL6B in December 86, SLC in Sep 88, and Unit Emplaning Officer Course in March 84, promoted to Warrant Officer in July 88 and after 6 years of enjoyable chaos in 2 CER was posted to 56 Field Engr Squadron in the summer of 1989.

    Captain Dewland spent 3 years with 56 Field Engineer Squadron and was employed as the Operations and Training Warrant Officer. In August of 1992, he was posted to 22 Field Squadron in CFB Gagetown. While there he held the position of Squadron Training Warrant Officer and Resources Troop Commander. In September of 1994, on short notice, Captain Dewland was tasked to Bosnia and Croatia for a year-long tour and was also promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer prior to departure. While in the former Yugoslavia, Captain Dewland was employed with the Force Engineer and worked for five months in Split, Croatia as an Engineer Resources Liaison Officer. He spent the last seven months in Sarajevo, Bosnia, as a Liaison Officer to the UNPROFOR Engineer Commander.

    After this tour, Captain Dewland returned to CFB Gagetown and 4 ESR. During this visit back to 4 ESR, he was employed first as the Squadron Sergeant Major for 48 Administration Squadron and then as the Squadron Sergeant Major for 46 Resources Squadron. As the Squadron Sergeant Major for 46 Resources Squadron, Captain Dewland deployed with his Squadron to Winnipeg for the Floods and to Quebec for the Ice Storm. He also deployed a Squadron plus to Iqaluit, Nunavut, in February 1998 for a two-week SOV Op.

    In July of 1998, Captain Dewland was posted to CFSME, CFB Gagetown and was employed as the Mine Warfare and Demolitions Cell Supervisor. Captain Dewland remained at CFSME for three years and was then posted to 56 Field Engineer Squadron in April 2001. While at 56 Field Engineer Squadron, Captain Dewland was employed as the Regular Support Staff Officer and in the position of Ops O and Adjutant.

    In September of 2004, Captain Dewland transferred from the Regular Force to the Primary Reserve and assumed the position of Adjutant. Since transferring to the Primary Reserve with 56 Engr Squadron, Captain Dewland has been tasked to CFSME, Reserve Engineer Training Squadron, as the Squadron Sergeant Major, Chief Instructor, Range Safety Officer for Demolition and Live Mine Training, Course Officer for QL6B, Troop Warrant Officer Course and Recce Ops Course.

    Captain Dewland was appointed as the Squadron Sergeant Major of 56 Engineer Squadron in April 2008, promoted to CWO in March of 2012 and appointed RSM of 37 Combat Engineer Regiment on 31 March 2012. In February of 2015 CWO Dewland was commissioned to the rank of Captain and became the Adjt for the Regiment.

    In civilian life, Captain Dewland enjoys his time off, enjoys any carpentry task, hunting, fishing, cutting firewood and logs, snowmobiling, ATV riding and as much hockey that he can watch. He is married to Madonna Dewland (nee Collier) for the past 38 plus years and they have 3 children, son Curtis, daughter Robyn, and son Justin. On retirement, Roger and Donna plan to stay put in Milltown, NL and spend as much time at the cabin as they can.