Capt Rick Gunter, CD

    PMO CANSOFCOM announces the retirement of Captain Richard Gunter, CD2 of the Canadian Military Engineers. The Engineering Branch will be losing a long time member and former Chief Warrant Officer when Richard retires on 23 Jul 2009 after 32 + years of dedicated service.

    Richard (Rick) Gunter joined the CF on 26 May 1977 as a Tel Tech, after completion of Basic Training in Jul – Sep 1977, Pte Gunter was posted to CFSCEE in Kingston for Progressive Oriented Electronics Training (POET), while there Rick realized that he was better suited to a mechanical trade and after a quick look at what was avail decided that he wanted to be a Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician. Rick was then posted to CFB Chatham (St Margarets Det.) for contact training from Jan 78 – Apr 78. In Apr of that year Rick was posted to CFB Chilliwack CFSME on the RM QL 3 course. On successful completion of his QL 3 course in Sep 78, Rick was posted to CFS Sydney to complete his OJT and then was sent back to CFSME for his QL 5 in Apr1981. On completion of his QL 5 course Cpl Gunter was posted this time to sunny CFS Holberg, BC. After three years of enduring the endless sunshine of northern Vancouver Island, MCpl Gunter and family were posted again to CFB Chatham (St Margarets Det.) in Jul of 1984. In Sep 1985 Rick was again sent to CFSME this time for the QL 6A course. In Jul 1987 MCpl Gunter was posted to CFB Cold Lake and immediately on his arrival departed for a tour of sunny CFS Alert from Aug 87 – Feb 88. On return Rick was deployed on numerous exercises is support of CF 18 operations and in the summer of 1989 he was promoted to Sgt and posted to CFB Kingston as the RM Shop Supervisor and deputy Utilities Officer. 1993 saw now Warrant Officer Gunter and family on the road again this time to 5 Wing Goose Bay where he assumed the position of RM Shop Supervisor. After three enjoyable years in the wilds of Labrador, WO Gunter and family were again put on the boat this time to 8 Wing Trenton where Rick held positions as WCE RM Shop Sup, 86 ASU Aircraft Arresting Systems Superintendent and on promotion in 2000 to Master Warrant Officer as the 86 ASU Flight Sergeant Major. CFSME beckoned one last time in 2000 where Rick attended the infamous 6B course. 2002/2003 saw MWO Gunter deployed to Op Danaca as the Construction Superintendent for the United Nations Modernization Project. In 2004 MWO Gunter was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood where he filled positions as CE Utilities and Operations Officer. In Sept 2005 CWO Gunter was promoted and posted to 1 Canadian Air Division, A1 Training responsible for all Construction Engineering mechanical trades. In 2006 CWO Gunter was posted to A4 CE Realty Assets as the RM STA and LCMM and SME for Aircraft Arrestor and Radar Systems. In 2008 Rick accepted his SRCP to Captain and was posted to his current position in PMO CANSOFCOM.

    Rick and Dottie plan on retiring in the southern Ontario, where they intend to slow down for awhile and enjoy family and friends.