Capt René Desaulniers, CD

    Capt Desaulniers joined the military in North Bay, Ontario, 15 Aug 1973. After completing basic training, and language training in Dec 1973 at CFB St-Jean, Quebec, Capt Desaulniers moved on to CFS Val D’Or where he began his career as a Refrigeration & Mechanical Technician. After completing his QL 3 RM Tech trg in Chilliwack, British Columbia, he was posted to Penhold, Alberta, where he was promoted to the rank of Cpl in Feb 1978. In Jun 1978, Capt Desaulniers was posted to Mont-Apica, Quebec. In Jul 1980, Capt Desaulniers moved south to CFB Petawawa on promotion to MCpl, and posted to Chibougamau, Quebec in 1981, after a short 10 months stay in Petawawa, Ontario. In Sept 1984, Capt Desaulniers served a six month tour in Cyprus, and transfer to CFB Ottawa in Jul 1985. Capt Desaulniers was promoted to the rank of Sgt on Aug 1988 and posted to CFB St-Jean, Quebec on July 1989. After spending four years in St-Jean, Quebec, Capt Desaulniers was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer, and posted to Cold Lake, Alberta where he remained until 1998. In Jul 1998, Capt Desaulniers was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer, and posted to the CFB Gagetown as Utility Officer. Capt Desaulniers has also served as Team Leader at the Forward Operating Location (FOL) in the northern region such as Inuvik, Nunavut (Rankin Inlet), Yellowknife, and Iqaluit, and supported our Canadian Armed Forces Air shows as MAG (Mobile Arrestor Gear) Team Leader.

    Capt Desaulniers was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer in Jul 2004 and posted to 3 ASG Engineer Br CWO’s position here at the Engr Br. In August 2005, Capt Desaulniers was commissioned to his current rank, and posted to Area Engr IDPM. Capt Desaulniers, with the support of his wife Danielle, has decided to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces. In his retirement he hopes to become the commodore of his ship and sail the Oromocto River.

    We will be mugging out Capt Desaulniers on the 7 February 2008, 1130hrs at Bldg A-4, here in CFB Gagetown. Farewell wishes, anecdotes and plain ole stories should be sent to the following:

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