Capt Peter Sawden, CD

    Captain Peter Sawden will retire after more than 23 years of service with the Canadian Forces. On 8 January 2010, Capt Sawden will transfer over to the Cadet Organizations and Training Services (COATS) in the hope of finding gainful employment within the Cadet organization.

    Peter was recruited in St. John’s, NF after graduating from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Arriving in Chilliwack in October 1983, he left for CFB Esquimalt after completing Basic Officer Training at Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School and his Engineer Phase Training at Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering. After two years at Base Construction Engineering (BCEO), Capt Sawden returned to Chilliwack to spend two years each at both 1 Combat Engineering Regiment and Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School. Having been to the two best places to work, he was posted to Ottawa to serve on perfecting the engineer’s portion (BCEMS) of the Base ADP project. While on the project, he transitioned from the Regular Force to Class ‘C’ to Defence Construction Canada employee without changing desks.

    Mr. Sawden then followed his wife, Captain Corinne Sawden, back to Victoria while she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University of Victoria. Joining the Communication Reserve in May 1996, Peter was the full-time Class ‘B’ Adjt at 741(Victoria) Communication Squadron until July 1997 when he returned to Ottawa to work in Director Information Management Operational Direction (DIMOD) at Tunney’s Pasture until accepting a civilian position with CGI.

    Prior to Y2K, in September 1999, Capt Peter Sawden was accepted back into the fold of the Engineers, and in October deployed as the PNCT Troop Comd to East Timor until December 1999. Returning to BCEO Esquimalt, he remained in place until a two-year IR tour to CFB Petawawa in 2006 (one year as the Requirements Officer at BCEO and one year as Infrastructure Advisor to the 2 ASG Comd) interrupted his living at home. Capt Sawden will continue to serve as the JTFP/JEngr 5 Plans officer until his release date of 8 January 2010.

    Dexter, a twelve-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, and his housekeeping staff – Peter, Corinne, Chris and Katy will continue to reside in Victoria until the bank determines we can no longer afford to live here.