Capt Pat Gulliver, CD

    Capt Pat Gulliver enrolled in the PRes on 20 Jun 1989. Capt Gulliver completed is Basic Military Training in St. John’s, NL and shortly after that it was off to good old CFB Chilliwack on multiple occasions for his trades training crses. Capt Gulliver’s last crse at CFSME was in June of 2001 when he completed his Tp WO’s Crse. Capt Gulliver spent many occasions at CFSME as an instr during his career and even had an enjoyable summer at Range Control, CFB Gagetown. In January of 1998 Capt Gulliver deployed with other mbrs of the Sqn for the Ice Storm in Eastern Ontario. Capt Gulliver has filled all the posns within the Sqn that a Sapper can expect to fill, culminating in him being the Sqn Sgt Major from Apr 2005 to Apr 2008. MWO Gulliver took his commission to the rank of Capt in Mar of 2009 and since then has filled the posn as Sqn Adjt.

    After 20 plus years, Pat will be retiring from the Pres and the Engr Branch, Pat will remain in the St. John’s area with his wife Kim, sons Jeffery, Liam and Nathan, and he plans to focus all of his attention to his civilian work as a supervisor at St. John’s Metro Bus and his family.