Capt M.J. Syzek, CD

    • Capt M.J. Syzek, CD

    After more than 42 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers Branch, Capt Michael Syzek, CD, will retire on 26 August 2022. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to Capt J.L.Y. Pruneau at

    Capt M.J. Syzek joined the Naval Reserves as a Marine Engineer with HMCS TECUMSEH in Calgary in June 1980. At the time, there were major fires in northern Alberta and he thought he was joining the Forestry Service to be a fire jumper. His mother did not dispel this incorrect notion, leaving him clueless until after he had signed with the recruiter.

    He was a true Reservist until 1988 when he changed to Class B service, working full-time on both coasts as an Engineer until 1992. From 1992 until 1995, he returned to school at Camosun College in Victoria to earn a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. From 1995 until 2009, he served full-time as the Chief Engineer on MCVS and as a Standards Chief with CFFSQ.

    In 2009, Capt Syzek commissioned to Capt as a Construction Engineering Officer. Since then, he has worked at CE in Greenwood, at 1 CAD in Winnipeg, and lastly at Barker College also in Winnipeg. In 2013, he deployed with the last RCAF roto to Afghanistan. Since becoming a Capt, he has completed a Bachelor of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration.

    Capt Syzek will retire from the CAF on 26 August 2022 and will return to his hometown of Calgary with his wife, Natalia, and youngest daughter, Gabby. Natalia will continue her career with the Canada Revenue Agency and Gabby will continue her studies at the University of Calgary while his oldest daughter, Raphaella, will pursue her career in Winnipeg.

    When asked if he is retiring, his answer is No. Capt Syzek plans to pursue casual work in Calgary to fund house renovations and travel. Additionally, he plans to fulfil an item that has been on his bucket list for years: studying for a PhD in business.