Capt L.B.J. Kaemmerer

    • Capt L.B.J. Kaemmerer

    After 7 years in the Canadian armed forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Capt Lukas Kaemmerer released on 15 June 2021. At the member’s request, an informal retirement ceremony took place in 5 RGC. All congratulatory messages, anecdotes and best wishes can be sent to Capt P.J.D. Gousy-Brault at

    Lukas initially enrolled in the CAF in July 2014, as a Direct Entry Officer (DEO) under the Regular Officer Training Plan, earning a degree in Civil Engineering from McMaster University in May 2016. He completed his Basic Engineer Officer Courses DP1.1 and 1.2 in March 2018.

    Immediately upon graduation, Capt Kaemmerer was posted to 5 RGC in CFB Valcartier where he commanded 2 Field Troop in 51 Field Squadron, a highlight of which was completing his parachutist course. In 2019, he deployed on OP IMPACT roto 0 in Taji, Irak as a Route Clearance Troop commander earning his General Campaign Star. Upon his return, he assumed the role of 51 Field Squadron Ops O.

    Capt Kaemmerer leaves the Canadian Forces Engineer Corps in search of a new challenge and seeking to be reunited with his significant other. This fall he will commence a master’s in Engineering Management at the prestigious university Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Good luck Lukas, and keep on spinning plans!