Capt KRJ Ellis

    • Capt Karl Ellis, MMM, CD

    Capt Ellis enlisted on 22 Apr 1981 at Halifax, NS. Upon completion of basic and trades training, he was posted to 2 CER as a Sapper. During the next seven years, he was employed as a Sect mbr, driver, Sect 2 I/C and Sect Comd. These formative years were spent in the “light airborne role” supporting the Airborne Battlegroup. In 1988 he was posted to the Recruit School as a MCpl and employed as an Instructor. He proudly boasts that he had the opportunity to mold the minds of approximately 2000 new recruits. Promoted to Sgt in 1990, he returned to 2 CER as a Sect Comd with 2 Tp Para. Here, he participated on his first Op deployment, OP RECORD, to Kuwait. He also completed Basic EOD and Jump Master Crses during this regimental tour.

    In 1993 he was posted to the Airborne School in Edmonton as an instructor in the Aerial Delivery Trg Company. During this posting he completed and instructed the Aerial Delivery Basic, Advanced, Hel Ops and the DZ Cont Crses. He also completed the Military Freefall Crse. Later he assumed the duties of Unit Safety NCO for Trg and continued to act as the Chief Instructor for all things Aerial Delivery at the newly formed Canadian Parachute Centre (CPC) at Trenton.

    Promoted to WO in 2000, he returned “home” to 2 CER as a Tp WO within 24 Fd Sqn. He deployed to Bosnia on OP PALLADIUM Roto 8; was Regt Trg NCO; deployed on OP ATHENA Roto 0 to Afghanistan as part of the Kabul Multinational Brigade Headquarters as the Ops WO; served as SM of 23 Fd Sqn; was promoted to MWO in 2004 and deployed as SM 24 Fd Sqn on OP ATHENA Roto 4/and transitioned to OP ARCHER Roto 0 (Task Force Holdfast) in 2005. In 2006, posted to CEFCOM HQ in Ottawa, he was employed as the HQ SM and the Ops MWO within the Joint Engineer Branch. The primary focus of these duties was the close monitoring of all deployed operations, specifically Afghanistan.

    Promoted to CWO in Jun of 2008, he was appointed the Command Chief Standards Organization Representative for LFWA at CFB Wainwright. In July 2009 he was appointed RSM of Central Area Training Centre at Meaford, where he is currently serving. Capt Ellis was appointed to his current rank on 21 Jun 2012 under the Special Requirements Commissioning Plan, where he immediately assumed a position as the CEO at Meaford.

    After 36 combined years in the CF, Karl has accepted a position as the Operations Manager for the southern sector of the Trent River Canal system with Parks Canada in Campbellford, On. Karl and his wife Lynne are looking forward to moving to the Trenton area, close to their children and grandchildren and this fabulous second career.

    Well wishes and career antidotes can be sent to Capt Andy Harrington (