Capt Ken Hoffer, CD

    Capt Ken Hoffer will be retiring on 03 November 2011 after 42+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    Capt Ken Hoffer from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan enrolled in the Canadian Forces in Calgary, Alberta on 20 March 1969 and attended basic training in Cornwallis, NS, shortly thereafter. He then proceeded to CFB Borden and after completing his QL3 firefighter course he was posted to CFB Comox, BC in Jan 1970.

    Capt Hoffer was posted to CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia in Jun 74. Less than a year after smelling the ocean’s air, he was posted onboard HMCS Fraser. After sailing the rough Atlantic for 2 years and employed at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, he managed to be posted to the flat land of the prairies, CFB Moose Jaw. After 5 years closer to home, in Aug 82, he was transferred to HMCS Annapolis for his second sea tour, and then back to CFB Shearwater for one year. He then went to CFB Trenton in 1985 and was promoted to the rank of WO.  Three years later, he was presented the next rank of MWO, meaning another transfer; this time with CFSTG HQ and the CFM office in Trenton. A year later, he was posted to the National Capital with DGIRP and the CFFM office. In Jun 1991 he was promoted to CWO and after convincing the Career Manager to get back to a Fire Hall, he was transferred to CFB Ottawa, as the Deputy Fire Chief.

    Three years later he was posted to MARCOM HQ with the CFM office in Halifax. Missing riding the waves, he had the opportunity to work with Sea Training Pacific and conducted the initial work-ups on three CPF Ships. In 1996, he was once again posted back to the National Capital with DGLEPM, where he ensured each year the budget was well spent toward Fire Fighting equipment. After achieving many challenges and receiving the right grooming for 9 years as a CWO, he accepted his commission to Captain under the SRCP in 2000; assuming the position of CMS Fire Marshal in Ottawa

    After transforming the Navy from “B Suits to Bunker Gear”, he then took the next challenge and became the Chief Fire Instructor at CFFA Borden in Mar 2005. After rejuvenating fire fighting training aids, including aircraft mock-ups (big bird and CF18), and not to forget the new maze, he was posted back to Ottawa in 2008 with the CFFM Office.

    After re-writing and developing policy for two years, Capt Hoffer was once again brought back to the Fire Academy, but this time under the new school name CFFCA. On his arrival, he was able to see some of his achievements from his last tour, including the new fleet of crash trucks, pumpers and the new confined space maze. Devoted to the Fire Service, Capt Hoffer never stopped the ball rolling toward the progression of Fire Fighting training and equipment, which will be utilized for years to come.

    After 42+ years with the CF Fire Service, Ken will be retiring within the Borden area, that is, in Wasaga Beach where he will devote his time toward skiing, golfing and walking the beaches, but only between beach 5 and beach 2, and not to forget, spoiling his grandchildren and teaching them how to use the iPhone with all the apps.

    To commensurate 42+ years, a Depart with Dignity retirement luncheon will be held in his honour on Friday Oct 14 from 1230 hrs to 1600 hrs in the Fire Fighting Training area, CFB Borden. If you are able to attend or want to send anecdotes please send them to Pierre Blackburn via email (; FAX to (705) 423-2351 or snail mail to: CFFCA, Attention: Pierre Blackburn, CFB Borden, PO BOX Stn Main 1000, Borden, ON, L0M 1C0