Capt Jake Moreau-Beaudry

    • Capt Jake Moreau-Beaudry

    After 9 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Capt Jake Moreau-Beaudry will release on 28 April 2023. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to Capt B. Moreau at

    Capt Jake Moreau-Beaudry enrolled in the CAF as a CE Officer in July 2013. He graduated from the Royal Military Colleges of St-Jean and Kingston with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in May 2018. In March 2019, he was posted to CFB Bagotville where he occupied positions such as MSS Ops O, CE troop Cmdr, and Contracts agent for RP Ops. He also assumed the role of the 3 Wg Ground Search and Rescue Cmdr during that period. During his four years at CFB Bagotville, Capt Moreau-Beaudry deployed on Op IMPACT (Kuwait) and Op REASSURANCE (Romania).

    On 28 April 2023, Capt Moreau-Beaudry will transfer to the Reserve force with the Régiment du Saguenay and start a new full-time civilian career after almost ten years of service. During his career, Capt Moreau-Beaudry focused on professionalism and dedication in support to his troops and to the CAF’s goals by listening to SME recommendations and never being afraid to get his hands dirty. Although he is pausing his CE Officer career, he will remain in the construction domain, having accepted a position with the Sullivan company as the AFEC project coordinator. AFEC is a DND project supporting 2 Wg’s future installations at CFB Bagotville.