Capt Ian Moon, CD

    Capt Ian Moon has recently announced his retirement from the Canadian Force effective May 11, 2009, with 23 years of service.

    Capt Moon began his military career in 1985 as an infantry NCM serving initially with 2RCR. In Dec 1987 went from Private (un-trained, no hook) to MCpl in one day and was employed as section 2I/C, and platoon Wpns Det. Comd. He rebadged to 3PPCLI, Victoria BC, in 1988, due to his daughter having climatic asthma.

    In 1990, Capt Moon re-mustered to WSPOL/WFE Tech and was posted to CFB Esquimalt from 1990-97 and again from 1998-2001. While serving at BCE Esquimalt he held the following positions: WFE Tech, Section 2I/C, WFE Section IC, Unit Assistant Environment Officer, Mechanical coordinator (WFE), Section Commander and TP WO Pacific Naval Construction Troop. Capt Moon has two overseas tasking, a 2 month TAV in Israel and a 3 month engineering surge into East Timor. He has been involved with Box Top tasking in Alert NWT where he was responsible for all Box Top refuel resupply operations and personnel tasked for the Operation. From 1997-98, Capt Moon was posted to Moose Jaw as the Wing Assistant Environment Officer; just until the Base would under go an ASD process then he was posted back to Esquimalt.

    Capt Moon was posted to CFSME in 2001 to 2005, he was employed in CAES as an instructor to the AEOC Phase courses and CE Superintendent 6B, also serving as a Flt WO in CETS. His last two years at the school was as a professional student, completing French training, OPME program and AEOC Phase IV.

    In 2003, Capt Moon was commissioned from the ranks. He received his first inspiration and motivation when he became a WFE Tech. He loved being part of the Engineering family and he always wanted to make a difference. Capt Moon applied and was accepted for the UTPNCM program after he re-mustered. However the Construction Engineer MOC was closed and his second choice only accepted three applicants. He applied again to the program, due to having not enough time remaining in his contract at the time to fulfill the obligatory service requirement for the program, was unsuccessful. Capt Moon decided to do his best in the NCM world for which he was well rewarded, receiving a favourable rate of promotion and getting nominated for commissioning from the ranks.

    In 2005, Capt Moon was posted to 4AES was employed as the Ops and Trg O. He was then giving the extra duty of DCO. He found this to be an interesting time, developing training programs for Rapid Runway Repair, Level II Airfield Engineering collective Training and Force Protection. This posting opened his eyes to deployed operations as it relates to the AF.

    In 2007, He was posted to 4 Wing CE, as the Requirements Officer. His time in past CE sections helped him to prepare to fill the RO position.

    After more than 23 years of service in the CF, Shannon and Ian are going to settle down and watch the grand children grow. Even if Capt Moon will no longer be wearing his uniform, he will continue to part of the CF and Engineering family. He will be employed at CFB Suffield as a Project Manager (EG 06), and will reside in Medicine Hat AB.