Capt G.A. Banks

    After more than 11 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers Branch, Captain Geoffrey Banks, retired on 11 October 2022. A DwD will be held on 09 November 2022 from 1200 to 1500 at Braumeister Bierhalle, 175 Caruthers Avenue, Ottawa, ON. Please send RSVPs, anecdotes, well-wishes, and photographs to Captain N. Avni at or 902-209-1368.

    Captain Banks joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Engineer Officer in August 2011 through the Regular Officer Training Plan while enrolled in the Bachelor of Geomatics Engineering program at the University of New Brunswick. After graduating in December 2012, he completed Engineer training in March 2013 and was then posted to 1 Combat Engineering Regiment (1 CER) in Edmonton, Alberta. While at 1 CER, Captain Banks served several roles, including Resource Troop Commander and 15 Squadron Operations Officer. Following his Regimental tour, Captain Banks was sponsored to complete a postgraduate certificate in geospatial intelligence at Cranfield University in the UK. Following graduation in April 2017, Captain Banks was posted to Real Property Operations North in Ottawa, Ontario, as the Detachment 2I/C for the North Warning System. In August 2021, he was posted to the Mapping and Charting Establishment as the Adjutant, a position he held until his retirement in October 2022.

    Captain Banks will enjoy his retirement from the Forces with his spouse and son. He has accepted a position with the Canadian Geodetic Survey as a geodetic engineer and will work on expanding GNSS stations across Canada.