Capt E. Turzanski, CD

    • Capt E. Turzanski, CD

    Capt Ed Turzanski, CD, will retire on 15 March 2021 after more than 12 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch.  A Depart with Dignity ceremony will not take place due to COVID restrictions. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to Capt R.A.W. Laker at:

    While studying civil engineering at McMaster University he enrolled as ROTP. After graduating OCdt Turzanski arrived in St-Jean May 2009.

    Following basic training, OCdt Turzanski moved to beautiful Gagetown. Following two years of phase training in Gagetown for his CAP and Phase 3 and 4 at CFSME there was opportunity to go to a regiment or get a posting as a Construction Engineering unit. Lt Turzanski, trade qualified, choose to start his career in a CE unit. They asked what his preferred location was, but being the adventure seeking eager young Lt, he took the risk and said anywhere. Soon he realized anywhere meant CFB Suffield. He tried to find it on a map. After a day of searching, there it was, middle of Canada, claimed as the sunniest place in Canada. As he arrived for his first day of work, his superiors informed him the annual CFB Suffield Rodeo was that weekend and he had to get his cowboy outfit. Not sure if this was a joke, there he was first evening after work walking into the Medicine Hat cowboy clothing store telling the clerk “I need to look like a cowboy by Saturday”. (Reference picture below…I’m somewhere in there trying to catch a cow).

    In 2013, seeking a new challenge, Capt Turzanski asked for CFB Valcartier. He held various positions in 5RGC, as well as the CE unit. The first six months were rather easy. He learned if people thought he only knew English he could get away with making mistakes, but eventually the jig was up and they learned his French was better than he let on. He loved his time at Valcartier and living in Quebec City, meeting the woman he has been with ever since.

    After his time in Quebec, Capt Turzanski asked to go back out west and once again packed his bags for CFB Suffield in 2015. Over time, working in infrastructure, alongside DRDC scientists, and the British Army Training Unit Suffield, he settled into a nice rhythm and remained there for 6 years. Moving around from Project Management, Works O, Requirements and Program Manager, he gained much needed technical experience for his future career. While there, he obtained his Professional Engineering license, and completed an MBA.

    Upon release, he will remain in Calgary for the next year while Rosy finishes her Paramedic license in Alberta, following which they plan to relocate back to Quebec, Montreal region. In his spare time Edward is actively involved in the Canadian Red Cross as a Disaster Management Supervisor and hopes to get deployed with them prior to starting his private sector career. So if your town has a flood or wildfire in 2021, you might see him wandering around your neighborhood. I thank everyone who I have worked with while in uniform, it was one of the best times of my life.