Capt D.S. Connolly

    Capt Connolly initially joined the Canadian Forces through the Reserves on 21 April 1997 as an infantryman. He completed his QL2/3 in Meaford before becoming a member of the Lorne Scot’s in Brampton, ON. He then went on to complete his QL4 mortar course and obtained the rank of Cpl.

    Capt Connolly transferred to the Regular Force on 11 June 1999 and was enrolled in the ROTP program as an Officer Cadet. He completed BOTC I & II, SLT, Phase II and III while attending Royal Military College. He graduated in May of 2003 with a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, received his commission and was promoted to 2Lt.

    He was then posted to CFB Gagetown for a short period, completed Phase 4 Engr and was posted to 2 CER. While in Petawawa he commanded both 4 and 5 Tp in 24 Fd Sqn, completed dive pre-lim as well as the Combat Diver/Supervisor Course. Capt Connolly then deployed to Afghanistan as 4 Fd Tp Comd from Aug 2005 – Dec 2005. Upon his return he was employed as the 2 IC and Ops O of 25 Support Sqn. Prior to leaving, he was promoted to his current rank and led the 2 CER Dive Team throughout Roguish Buoy 2006 in Halifax.

    In July of 2006 he was posted to CFB/ASU Wainwright. He has spent his last two years there as the Engineering Officer. For the moment Capt Connolly will be staying in the local Wainwright area. He will continue to be self employed and may consider instructing diving down south during the winter months.

    Notes of congratulations can be sent to MWO R.B. Kruger at