Capt (CWO) Larry Simms, CD

    • Capt (CWO) Larry Simms, CD

    Larry was born in Sandyville, NFLD.

    He joined the Canadian Armed Forces on the 18 May 1976 as an infantryman. After completion of his basic training at CF Recruit School Cornwallis he attended the Battle School in Wainright AB to complete his Infmn Qual. He was then posted to CFB Esquimalt BC with the 3rd Battalion PPCLI. During this time he completed his first UN Tour of Duty as an RP for the close-out of Ismailia Egypt. Upon his return to Canada, he applied for an Occupational Transfer as was accepted into the CE world as an Electrician. His first posting on completion of trades training in Chilliwack saw him return to the Atlantic Region where he spent three years at the CE Sect in CFB Chatham NB. During his next posting at CFB Cold Lake he met and married Crystal, who blessed him with two children, Wesley and Jessica. In the years that followed he had numerous postings that included CFB Trenton, CFS St. John’s NL, twice to CFSME (move from Chilliwack to Gagetown), twice to CFB Greenwood and CFB Halifax. Other deployments included Cyprus – 1984 -85, Golan Heights -1990-91, CFS Alert -2002 and TSE Camp Mirage 2006 -07.

    Capt Simms progressed through the NCM ranks achieving the appointment of CWO in 2002. He was Special Commissioned to Capt in 2007 were he took up the position of Ops O, CETS at CFSME where he presently serves and will remain until his 55 birthday and a complete fulfilment of a very loyal and dedicated career.

    Larry and Crystal plan to remain in the area were he will continue to try and improve his golf game during the summer months and continue to cuss and swear at the referees during Montreal Canadiens games while his dog Marcus gazes at him in wonderment.

    A celebration of his accomplishments, reminiscing of events past, condolences to Crystal, farewell wishes and good-byes will take place at 1130, on the 8 June 2011 (55th B-Day also). If you are in the area please join us at building A-4, WO & Sgts Mess Annex, CFB Gagetown where you get the last kick at the cat. If you are unable to attend and wish to provide some historic detail please do not hesitate to forward them by msg, email or any form of correspondence to the MC, Capt Len Smythe, CESO, CFSME loc 1750.

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