Capt (CWO) Herb Sutton, CD

    Capt (CWO) Sutton will be retiring from the military after 33 + years of service to the Engineering Branch. He joined the Military in Mar of 78 as a Structure Technician and stayed the course throughout his career with one obvious exception. After 31 yrs service, then CWO Sutton, took his commission to facilitate a move to Ottawa. After completion of boot-camp, Capt Sutton’s first posting was to Greenwood NS where he met and married his wife of 30 yrs, Nancy. Capt Sutton’s postings have included, Greenwood, Chilliwack, Trenton, Toronto, NDHQ, Base Ottawa, Greenwood, Kingston, Toronto, Petawawa and finally back to NDHQ. As with most Engineers there have also been a few tours including; Golan Heights (80-81), Haiti (95), Golan Heights (96-97) Bosnia (2000), and Afghanistan (2004). Combined with courses and the obligatory trips north it meant significant moving around and time spent away from home.

    Capt Sutton will be retiring in the Kingston Ontario where the first order of business will be to prepare for the Moose hunt in NFLD. After that there will be lots of time spent on the water relaxing, fishing and just cruising with the kids and grand kids.

    Anyone wishing to pass on congratulatory messages or a good story please forward to Capt Beauvais at;