Capt Chris Quillan, CD

    Capt Quillan joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Marine Engineering Technician 312 in 1987. He completed his basic training in Cornwallis, NS and began his career in Halifax. On the East Coast he served on several ships including the HMCS Ottawa, Saguenay and after being posted to Esquimalt in January 1993 on HMCS Thunder. In 1990 he obtained his Auxiliary Machinery Operators Certificate (AMOC) in and his Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) Certification 313 in 1993.

    In 1995, after completing 9 years in the Navy he was accepted to the University Training Program for Non-Commissioned Members. After completing his basic officer training in Chilliwack, BC and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC he attended Saint Mary’s and DalTech where he received a Bachelor in Civil Engineering in 2001. He completed his Phase 3 and 4 Engineering training in Gagetown and was subsequently posted to FCE Halifax in 2002. During his time at FCE he held several positions including Unit Env O, D Ops O, Business Planning O, A/XO and his current position Deputy Eng O.

    His first tour to Afghanistan was in December 07, with the job title Design Engineer for HQ Construction project at ISAF HQ Kabul. Some of the duties there included mine clearing/land development, office container construction, ballistic windows design and warehouse design and construction. He came back in June 08, and in March 09 he flew to Afghanistan again for two months to be the Team Lead/Troop Commander for Construction/Realignment of FOB Wilson in Kandahar.

    After 22+ years in the military he is retiring and will be employed with the reserves as the DCO of PhyOps COY in Bedford. His wife Monika remains in the forces and is currently with Nuclear Emergency Response Team in Halifax and his two sons Jacob and Nicholas will continue to play sports and attend school in Halifax.