Capt Brian J. Carrigan CD

    Captain Brian J. Carrigan CD will retire on 24 February 2018 with more than 41 yrs of service to the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Engineers.

    Capt Brian began his military career 21 October 1976, on completion of recruit training he was posted to  CFB Chilliwack where he completed TQ3 Course in May 1977 and posted to 1 CER , where he completed QL5 and promoted to Cpl 22 October 1980. After 4 years he was posted to 56 FES in Jul 1981 as RSS Storesman. He completed CLC and promoted to MCpl in December 1982. He was posted to 22  Field Sqn in Gagetown as 2i/c of 1 Sect 1Tp. He attended his QL6A Course in Chilliwack in 1984, was posted to 4 CER in Germany in August 1985, and was promoted to Sgt in April 1986.

    He stayed with the Regiment until 1989 when he was posted to Ottawa at NDHQ to the War Games Room. While there he completed his QL6B in December 1990 and posted back to 22 Field Sqn in Gagetown in 1992 as 2 Tp Recce Sgt. He was Bridge Commander for the Sgt Mike Ralph Bridge in October 1992. He was promoted to WO in December 1993 and took over as 2Tp WO. He served on Op HARMONY in Croatia in 1994. After serving in 4 ESR in Gagetown, he was posted again to 56 FES in St. John’s as the Training WO in 1996. During his time there, he the Sqn SSM with 41 Atlantic Engineer Sqn for both ARCON 96 and 97.

    In January 1998 he was the 2 Tp WO with 56 FES attached to the Newfoundland composite Company on Op RECUPERATION in Perth, ON. He was appointed to the position of Sqn SSM of 56 FES on 28 May 1998 and retained that position until 2005. He received The Order of St.John of Jerusalem Medal in October 1999. He was promoted to MWO 1 December 1999.

    Capt Carrigan left the Regular Force and transferred to the Reserve at 56 FES on 22 November 2000, and became SSM of CIMIC while also being SSM of 56 FES. Capt Carrigan was promoted to CWO on 22 Nov 2007 and assumed the duties of the Area operations unit. He was promoted to Capt 3 December 2011.Capt Carrigan has held various positions in the unit and is now 2i/c Admin Sqn until his retirement on 24 February 2018.