Capt BJ Henderson, CD

    • Capt BJ Henderson, CD

    Captain Barry Henderson will be retiring from the CAF after 43 years of service. A Departure with Dignity Ceremony is plan on 30 Sept 2020 between 11h00-12h00 inside 1 CAD Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you plan to attend please advise Major David Smith (DJS) via email: Please forward any congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and farewell messages to Maj Smith as well. Due to pandemic, timings and location may change.


    Capt Henderson joined the Canadian Armed Forces on the 23 February 1977 and after more than 43 years of dedicated service will retire on the 30 Sept 2020.

    Capt Henderson started out his career with basic training at CFB Cornwallis followed by occupational training at CFB Chilliwack as an Electrical Generating Systems (EGS) Technician. Following trades training his career took him to postings at CFS Gypsumville, CFS Holberg, CFB Ottawa, CFB Petawawa; with Base Construction Engineering (BCE) and 1 Canadian Field Hospital (1 CFH), CFB Esquimalt with the Fleet Construction Engineers (FCE), 8 Wing Trenton with 86 Airfield Services and Utilities Flight (86 ASU), 22 Wing North Bay as the CE Superintendent for the NORAD Underground Complex and finally to 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) in Winnipeg. At 1 CAD he served initially as the EGS trade advisor followed by a stint as the Infrastructure CWO and Directorate CWO. In 2007, then CWO Henderson commissioned to the rank of Captain under the Special Requirement Commissioning Plan (SRCP) and after 35 years of regular force service transferred to the air reserve in 2012. He has since then been employed in various A4 CE operations and infrastructure positions.

    Capt Henderson also served two tours of CFS Alert and deployments to the Former Yugoslavia, Middle East and South West Asia. He was also the recipient of three Commanders commendations; from the Commander 8 Wing, Commander United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) and Commander Task Force Kabul.

    Barry and his lovely wife Juliette have been married for 40 years and have three sons; Steven living in Victoria, Jeffrey and Thomas who reside in Winnipeg. For the near future they plan to remain in Winnipeg, enjoy warmer destinations in the winter and visit their new granddaughter in Victoria.