Canada Post Issues Commemorative Envelope 31 CER 150th Anniversary

Commemorative Envelope 31 CER (The Elgins)
Publication Date 
11 Mar 2016

Canada Post is issuing a series of four commemorative envelopes on 2 April 2016 to honour four Canadian regiments marking their 150 years of service. Among these is 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins) who can trace their lineage back to the 25th Elgin Battalion of Infantry formed 14 September 1866.

The Elgins have a long history.  In both the Boar War and the First World War, they contributed troops to a number of battalions.  In the Second World War, they were converted to an armoured regiment and served as a tank delivery regiment. The Elgins have a unique history in that as two squadrons supported 1st Canadian Corps in the Italian Campaign, the rest of the regiment prepared to fight in Northwest Europe. The first squadron landed in Normandy on D Plus 2, joined by HQ and other squadrons over the next month. The squadrons in Italy were transferred to Northwest Europe in March 1945. 

31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins) was formed in 1997 when The Elgin Regiment (RCAC) was re-roled from armoured reconnaissance to combat engineering. The regiment has 2 field squadrons with 48 Field Squadron located in Waterloo and 7 Field Squadron located in St. Thomas.