Brian McCarville

    WO McCarville joined the Forces in August 1981.

    In January 1982, it was off to the Artillery School in CFB Shilo.

    After his TQ-3 course, he went to Edmonton Alberta in March 1982 and earned his Jump Wings.

    He was then posted in April to “E” Battery Para, 2 RCHA CFB Petawawa. Was on the Queens honour guard when she came to sigh the Canadian Constiuention in April 82, and then earned his American jump wings, in Fort Bragg jumping out of various aircraft including the C 141 Star lifter jet He participated in RV 83,. And a Nato exercise in Norway in Feb 1984.

    He then moved to the Air Defence Troop within the Regiment and became a “bird” gunner. In 1983 the Air Defence troop marched from Petawawa to Kingston over nine days to re-enact the route the Artillery use to do the in the early days of the Artillery. Our arrival in Kingston was to co-insided with the Regiments Freedom of the City Parade.

    He was then posted to Ottawa for a French January 1985.

    After the French Course, he was posted to Range Control, CFB Gagetown as a Radio Operator for 5.5 years. Overseeing the range safety net that covers everything from permission to fire to medic-vac and hunting season assistance. Promoted to Cpl in the fall of 1985.

    He then decided in 1989 it was time for a change and LOTREP’ed to the Str. Tech trade in Jan 1991. After his TQ3 in Chilliwack, he was posted to 22 Wing CFB North Bay for 10 years.

    At the CE Carpenter shop in North Bay, he worked on various projects on the Wing, including the underground NORAD Complex, (which is now above ground) in North Bay. And the Armouries of Northern Ontario. He worked with I CEU on a cable replacement and renovation project on the DEW Line and a demo project in Alert where they torn down the old 50 lines transit quarters and bldg 126 He did a tour in Haiti in 1995 “Op Pivot” Roto 0 and helped to build two UN camps and repairs to the federal prison in Port au Prince after the riots in April 95.

    This was followed by a tour in Alert from Au 97 to Feb 98 as “chipper”.

    In 1999 he went to Avanio Italy to help construct accommodations for our personnel who were serving there, with 1 CEU again.

    In 2001, it was back to the base it all started at and was posted to the Construction Troop at 2 CER Petawawa for two years. In Dec 2002, he was promoted to MCpl.

    In 2003, he was posted to CE 17 Wing Winnipeg in the Ops Planning Postion. Also did time in the contracts cell and in the planning Office again. Did his 6A Course and was promoted to Sgt in Jan 05 while on course.

    In 2007, he was posted to 81 CEF, 8 Wing Trenton. In 2008 he was promoted to WO and sent to Kandahar to work at the ESU As OPS O. Upon return, he went to CE into the Alerts/Eureka Contracts Superintendent position. Where he served till his retirement in the fall of 2011.