Sgt Joseph Abel Boudreau, 2nd Field Company, Military Medal


On the 22 May 1944, Sapper Matheson and Sapper McNaughton were operating two bulldozers engaged in opening up a new route forward. The last mile of work involved working in an area which was being constantly shelled. Due to the importance of this route being opened up, it was decided that the work must continue.

Sergeant Boudreau climbed up on the cab of Sapper Matheson's bulldozer and by his example and guidance enabled this bulldozer to complete its work and return out of the danger area. Then this Non-Commissioned Officer took Sapper McNaughton's machine up in the same manner. Due to the noise of the engines it was impossible for either operator or Sergeant Boudreau to hear the approach of shells and take cover. It was only through Sergeant Boudreau's leadership and example, and personal bravery of all three, that the work was completed.

Sgt Boudreau was later wounded by an artillery burst in the closing days of the Gothic Line Battle in September 1944.

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