Sgt Archibald Everitt Critchley, 12th Field Company, Military Medal

Military Medal GVIR
Sgt Archibald Everett Critchley, MM

Sergeant Archibald Everett Critchley, MM (Ret'd) was born in Sydney Inlet, BC, an isolated community on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  He grew up in Vancouver with one bother and two sisters.  He enrolled in the Army in Manitoba. After the war he lived and worked in the interior of BC. He died in Squamish, BC on 27 October 1980.

Note:  Sgt Crichley's middle name is spelled Everett on most records.  


On 31 October 1944, Sergeant Critchley, Platoon Sergeant of No.1 Platoon was in charge of a party supporting "B" Squadron, 27th Lancers in their advance. A troop of armoured cars was stopped in San Stefano (M.553269) due to mines in the lateral road leading to the crossroads at M.574268. Sergeant Critchley with a mine clearing party proceeded to sweep and clear mines from the road to enable the cars to advance. During the entire operation, the party was under enemy observation and under heavy mortar fire. Under the influence of Sergeant Critchley's clam, cool and daring leadership the party cleared mined along the entire stretch of road, a distance of nearly 2,000 yards. By reason of this Non-Commissioned Officer's courageous leadership and devotion to duty, the armoured cars were enabled to advance up the lateral road to the road junction and thence north a further distance of 1,500 yards and re-engage the enemy. This Non-Commissioned Officer was consequently wounded whilst engaged on a similar operation.