Maj William James Bright, 1st Field Company, Distinguished Service Order


On the night 26/27 August 1944, 1st Canadian Field Company commanded by Major Bright was in close support of 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade which was assaulting across Fiume Metauro (Map References 143, 634 and 135, 626). 1st Canadian Field Company was to establish river crossings for tanks and supporting arms at the above mentioned map references, and to develop one crossing as a Brigade axis.

The expulsion detailed by Major Bright to develop the crossing that was to be the Brigade axis encountered unexpected difficulty. This officer immediately saw that the plan would have to be changed. At this time wireless communication between the two parties broke down. Major Bright went forward in spite of very heavy harassing fire and effected the change in plan in time to allow the supporting arms to move forward without delay.

Again on 28 August 1944 Major Bright showed great courage when leading forward a party to repair a crater in the road (Map Reference 082694) which was the 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade axis. The party came under a heavy concentration of enemy shell fire which dispersed the personnel, wounding an officer whom Major Bright attended and had him evacuated to a place of safety. Major Bright then reorganized the party and completed the task.

This officer through his courageous and decisive actions at critical stages enabled the supporting arms to follow the assaulting infantry. His personal example was an inspiration to his men. This officer has consistently displayed leadership of the highest order and complete disregard for his own personal safety in his determination to press forward.