Lt Frederick William Hamilton, 1st Field Company, Military Cross


On 9 October 1943 when the leading brigade of 1 Canadian Division attacked Gambatesa and additional ammunition was urgently required, it was essential to open the only road to it. This road was thickly mined and blown in two places; it was under observation of the enemy and was being shelled heavily. Handicapped by rain rendering action of mine detectors uncertain and risky, and although under heavy enemy fire, Lieutenant Hamilton boldly led his platoon in clearing the mines and opened the road.

The determination and example displayed by this officer and his courageous leadership of his platoon enabled the ammunition and close support weapons of the battalion to be taken forward. This action by Lieutenant Hamilton was responsible to a large degree for the success of the operations, since it is doubtful if the momentum of the advance could have been maintained had it been impossible to move the supporting weapons and ammunition forward.