L/Sgt George Leopold Hansen, 10th Field Squadron, Military Medal


From 2300 hours, 10 December 1944 until 1, 600 hours, 11 December 1944, Number 2 Troop, 10 Canadian Field Squadron, Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers was engaged in building an 80-foot Folding Boat Equipment assault bridge over the River Lamone near Villanova. Heavy mortar fire harassed the bridge area almost continuously during the operation. Mortar bombs landed within ten feet of the bridge, in the water, at the water's edge and on the far bank, causing several casualties. Quiet spells occurred periodically, during which times work was carried out. Lance-Sergeant Hansen was the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the troop, taking over after the Troop Sergeant was wounded. For 1, 6 hours he remained in an exposed position at the bridge site where he could supervise the job. His fine example, coolness and good judgement under heavy fire encouraged his men to return to the site after the many times they had been mortared off. His constat supervision was largely responsible for the successful completion of the bridge on a very difficult site, and the passage of the supporting arms and vehicles essential to the consolidation of the divisional bridgehead over the Lamone River.