Cpl Ralph Ian Gold, British Empire Medal 13rd Field Company, Military Medal


On 19 November 1944, M.5260 Corporal Gold, R.I., was in command of No.3 Section of the 13 Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers. The section was on foot supporting No.4 Troop, "C" Squadron, K.D.G., who were advancing from cross-roads towards Albero in armoured cars. The area was heavily mined with "R", Topf and Schu mines, and it was essential that these be removed before the armoured cars could advance.

The road was under direct enemy observation and the troop leader of the K.D.G. was averse to letting men on foot precede him. Corporal Gold insisted that he and his section clear the way to allow the armoured cars to go further. The armoured cars routed the enemy who went to ground. Mine-lifting stopped while the K.D.G. personnel with the aid of the Sappers took a total of 19 prisoners of war.

The advance then continued up the road towards Albero where it was found that the cross-roads were very heavily mined, preventing any further advance of the armoured cars. At this point the enemy was bringing down mortar, machine gun and sniper fire. In addition to this, many of the mines were booby-trapped, and exploded when pulled, thus focusing enemy attention on the Sappers. With complete disregard for his own safety, Corporal Gold inspired his section to carry on and they expeditiously cleared the mines from the cross-roads. This enabled the infantry to maintain more forward positions and thus screen troop concentrations.

The bravery and devotion to duty of Corporal Gold while under observed fire was an inspiration to the K.D.G. and Sapper personnel alike. The cool and efficient conduct of this Non-Commissioned Officer under most dangerous and trying conditions both prior to and during the unit's tour of duty with Porterforce has been such as to merit the admiration of his whole company, and attached services with whom he has served.