Adj/WO P.J. Sheppard, CD

    • Adj/WO P.J. Sheppard, CD

    WO Pierre Sheppard will be retiring from the CAF on 30 April 2018 after serving 25+ years of loyal and dedicated service (see bio attached).  A depart with dignity luncheon will be held on 26 April 2018 (1400 hrs) at Mama's Pub, Fredericton, NB. The OPI is Sgt Guy Cabana and any retirement wishes and anecdotes may be sent directly to him at<>/ Tel: 506-422-2000 ext.7069 / CSN 432-7069.

    Tours and operations include The Ice storms, Red river floods, Kosovo, and two tours to Afghanistan and a short three month tour in Alert and shorter tasks and tours to locations such as China, Kuwait and Jamaica.

    WO Sheppard joined the Army reserves in January 1993 and spent the next 2 years with 2 Royal Newfoundland Regiment A Coy. In November 1994 he was sworn into the regular force and departed for PPCLI Battle School in Wainwrigth Alberta. His first posting was 1 PPCLI in Calgary with a move to CFB Edmonton in 97.While with the Patricia’s he served with A Coy (The Red Devils) then Combat support as a M113 driver in TOW platoon.

    In 1999 he deployed with 1 PPCLI Battle Group into the theatre of operations in Kosovo as part of tow platoon. While in Kosovo he observed the Construction engineers building the camp and submitted a VOT to Construction technician. In September of 2000 his remustered and course date came in and he spent the next year at 1 CER for OJT.

    2001 he and his wife Ann were posted to CFB Gagetown to attend the QL-3 Construction technician course. After a year at the school they were posted to 141 Airfield engineer flight at14 Wing Greenwood in Nova Scotia. During the next 5 years he completed OJT package and QL-5 course and his first tour to Afghanistan. 2007 he and Ann where posted back to Edmonton to 1 CER where he climbed to the rank of Sgt and completed his second tour to Afghanistan. In 2011 they were then again was posted back out East to 1 ESU Moncton. With the closure of Det Moncton 2013 the unit was moved to CFB Kingston where he spent the next four years.

    In 2017 WO Sheppard, Ann and there now Two kids Reilly and Lily where posted back to CFSME at 5 CDSG Gagetown as the Op’s WO/SSM of Construction Engineering Management Squadron to close out his time with the Royal Canadian Engineers in the same place where it started 17 years before.

    WO Sheppard, his wife Ann and two children Reilly (9) and Lily (7) will be staying in the Oromocto area where Pierre will be working as a carpenter supervisor in the Gagetown RP Ops Det.