Change of Appointment for 4 CES Honorary Colonel – Cold Lake

4CES HCol Ajaz Quraishi and 4CES CO Maj Megan Kavanagh signing the Scroll of Appointment // Le Col hon Ajaz Quraishi du 4e Esc GC et le commandant du 4e Esc GC, le major Megan Kavanagh, signent la lettre de nomination de poste
2 Wing Commander Col Luc Boucher presenting the HCol wings to 4CES HCol Ajaz Quraishi // Le commandant de la 2e Escadre, le Col Luc Boucher, présente les ailes du colonel honoraire au Col hon Ajaz Quraishi du 4e Esc GC
Publication Date 
18 Jan 2016

On 25 August 2015 at 4 Wing Cold Lake, the Change of Appointment for 4 Construction Engineering Squadron Honorary Colonel Ajaz Quraishi occurred. The 2 Wing Commander, Colonel Luc Boucher, and 4CES Commanding Officer Major Megan Kavanagh welcomed HCol Quraishi into this long standing military tradition of HCols as well as the 4CES family. HCol Quraishi took over the position from the previous 4CES HCol, HCol Marty Playford who unfortunately could not attend.

HCol Quraishi is no stranger to 4 Wing or the Cold Lake community. He has been involved over many years in a range of charities and associations in the local area including being the Imam of the Cold Lake North Mosque, Chair of the Cold Lake Victim Services, and President of the Lakeland United Way. He has also been a member of the local engineering community as the Chair of the Cold Lake Chapter of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta. He is a retired mechanical engineer and volunteer fire fighter.

HCol Quraishi was very excited and honoured to have been chosen for this role. He is looking forward to serve as a mentor to all 4CES members as well as to promote and develop stronger links between the community and the unit.

The 2 Wing Command team and newly appointed HCol Quraishi then spent the day touring 4CES, getting to know its personnel, responsibilities and capabilities.