CMEA Management Structure

The CMEA Management Structure comprises a number of individuals charged with ensuring the objectives of the Association are met.

The following members participate in this effort:

Board of Directors  
  President John Lesperance
  Vice President Kevin Patterson
  Secretary LCol Audrey Murphy
  Treasurer Gilles Guignard
  Executive Director Dave Carney
  Registar John MacPherson
Advisors to the Board of Directors  
  VP Heritage & History Ken Holmes
  VP Communications Don Chipman
  VP Veteran Support Des DesLauriers
  VP Honours & Awards Richard Dickson
  Colonel Commandant BGen Steve Irwin, CD (Ret'd)
  Branch Adjutant Capt Jacques Landry, CD
  Branch CWO CWO Ronald Swift, CD
  CME Museum Curator Sandra Johnson-Penney
  Geomatics Representative WO Terry Warner, CD
  Fire Services Representative CWO John Martin, CD