CDA Supporting the CME Branch, Our Sappers and Families, Through Strong Connection with the CMEA

Minister Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence // L’honorable Kent Hehr, ministre des Anciens combattants et ministre associé de la Défense nationale
Minister Harjitt Sajjan, Minister of National Defence and Daniel Gosselin, President CDA Institute // L’honorable Harjitt Sajjan, ministre de la Défense nationale, et M. Daniel Gosselin, président de l’ICAD
Publication Date 
20 Sep 2016

For many years, the CMEA has been advocating for Sappers in many different ways; through the Sapper in need program, a job placement program, an insurance program, a house mortgage program and presentations to recognize the achievements of our members. Our association is also a member of the Council of Defence Associations (CDA). The CDA is comprised of 51 Regular and Associate Member Associations, which represent more than 500,000 regular members, reservists, and Veterans. The CDA continually educates members of Government on critical issues that directly affect our Military Members and their families.

Your membership in the Engineer Association will help guarantee that our association remains strong so we can continue to pursue the philosophy of maintaining a strong national defence with special concern for Military Engineers. The CMEA strives to further the effectiveness of Canada's military engineering capability and the well-being of all Canadian Military Engineers.

In 1987, the CDA established The Conference of Defence Associations Institute as a non-partisan organization dedicated to providing research support to the CDA, promote informed public debate, research and analysis on security and defence, and increase awareness of the Profession of Arms and the vital role played by the CAF. To that end, the CMEA actively seeks opportunities to foster research and study of national security issues from a military engineering perspective, conveying a strong reputation within Canada’s security and defence community, as well as amongst key international stakeholders. The CMEA will use public information means to publicize such military engineering aspects in appropriate media and forums throughout Canada.

The CDA Institute is uniquely placed to fulfill this mandate and undertake a program of activities owing to its strategic location in Ottawa. As our authoritative voice on matters of National Security and Defence in Canada, retired Engineer Major-General Daniel Gosselin is the current Chair of the Board of the CDA.

MGen Gosselin enrolled in the CAF as a Military Engineer and retired from the CAF in 2011, his last three tours of service included Commander of the Canadian Defence Academy, Director General International Security Policy in the Policy Group at NDHQ, and Chief of Staff of the CF Transformation Team in 2005-06. He is a former Commandant of the Canadian Forces College. In 2012–2013, he completed a ten-month assignment as the Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff, a role he continues to perform occasionally. He mentors senior officers and executives of the National Security Program of the Canadian Forces College, and is a sessional lecturer at both the Canadian Forces College and RMC.