5 CER on the Road to High Readiness

Maintenance Troop
Publication Date 
11 Apr 2017

Since the end of the regimental winter exercise, EX SAPEUR BLANC 2017, troops from 5 CER have switched gears in preparation for the upcoming high readiness period which begins in the fall of 2017.

The 5 CER maintenance troop is working hard to maximise the availability of our equipment, as all vehicles must be fully operational for the upcoming exercises. Since Christmas break, aggressive maintenance strategies have been developed and implemented in order to meet this mandate. New measures include the tightening of operator maintenance responsibilities, assigning the responsibility of specific vehicles to individual operators, and the temporary integration of new operators.

Logistics troop is conducting a regiment-wide inventory which will be used to measure the effectiveness of a new material management system. The intent is to minimize gaps between requirement and availability of various equipment and items. Strategies implemented include the organization of training activities for key staff, mentoring, and mandatory personal equipment checks following exercises and other training.

Signals troop is working to ensure that all vehicle and mobile communications systems are all functional and available. The troop will also explore the integration of a new vehicle communication network called ELAN. Signals troop will have the additional struggle of juggling radio allocation within squadrons given the limited availability of the new equipment.

All of this hard work will pay off in autumn of 2017 when 5 CER troops will be focusing on training, thus reducing their time available for problems linked to logistics and support. CHIMO!