50th Annual Retired Pacific Sappers Reunion

Canadian Engineer Badge worn during the First World War
Royal Canadian Engineer Badge worn during the Second World War
RCE Badge worn during the Cold War
RCN Badge worn by the Civil Engineer Branch until integration
RCAF Badge worn by the Construction Engineering Branch at the time of integration.
CME // RCE Badge worn since integration
Publication Date 
18 Jan 2024

Welcome to the 50th Annual Retired Sappers Reunion, 2024 and as always, your reunion committee is gearing up and looking forward to the challenges of putting together your Annual Retired Sappers Reunion. Welcome to our new Chairman Dave Shavalier.

This year we will have a mixed Meet & Greet. All events other than Golf will take place at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 295 5661 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC.  Golf at Kinkora Golf Course. Accommodation will be available at the Vedder River Inn 5788 Vedder Rd, Chilliwack BC or the Comfort Inn, 45405 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack BC.

The Memorial Parade will take place on Sunday, April 28th at the All-Sappers Memorial Park. Please join us in remembering all the Sappers who paid the supreme sacrifice.

While the primary focus of our reunions continues to be camaraderie and a good time, it is worth reflecting on our record of support to the CME Family.  Our reunions are self-supporting and in addition to the attendees enjoying a good time, monies are raised from donations, sale of member lists, and a raffle. We consistently donate to the CME Heritage Fund and to the CME Museum, the local CME Cadet Corp and the CFBCHS General Fund.

Dispersal of Donations: Thanks to your generosity we were able to help our CME family once again to the tune of $ 5370.00.

CME Museum $1764.00
CFSME Heritage Fund $2000.00
1725 CME RCACC $1500.00
CFBCHS General Fund $56.00

Donors who include $20.00 or more as a donation with their registration will receive a tax receipt.

Reunion Raffle Winners: Congratulations to the 49th reunion raffle winners:

First prize:         Sid Behm, Rosedale,BC                        
Second prize.    Lloyd Watts, Chilliwack, BC
Third prize.        Vince Merritt, Chilliwack, BC


If you did not receive a registration package in the mail, Jean Trivierge will mail you a complete registration package. Send your request to jthivierge10@gmail.com.

Mailing List & Registration

If you did not receive a registration package in the mail, I will mail you a complete registration package. Send me an email at jthivierge10@gmail.com.

I would like to close by again advising everyone that there is a considerable cost involved in the production and distribution of the information/registration package and the member lists that are produced annually. If you do not respond at least once for three consecutive years your name must be dropped from the mailing list.


Jean Thivierge

Visit our web page on the Internet. www.chilliwackretiredsappers.ca and now you can also visit us on Facebook, Pacific Retired Sappers Reunion.

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