5 CER’s Expertise Used During OP NANOOK

5 CER in the Yukon // 5 RGC en Yukon
Publication Date 
29 Sep 2016

By Capitaine Vincent Laframboise, CmdtA Esc 58, 5 RGC

During August and September, several members of 5 CER were deployed in Haines Junction, Yukon, to participate in OP NANOOK. This operation aims to assert Canadian sovereignty in the north, to improve the capacity of the Canadian Armed Forces to operate in Arctic conditions, to improve coordination of government-wide operations and maintain interoperability with our partners in the North. During this deployment, several members of 5 CER used their expertise in road construction to build a walking trail that connects the first Champagne-Ashihik nation, Haines Junction community and the village school. This project already allows 300 students attending the school every day to get there more safely. The project required the felling of trees, excavation, backfilling, and leveling. Bravo Zulu to all engineers involved in this project.