4 ESR Takes the Lead for Expedient Route Opening Capability (EROC) Courses

An arm operator from the Buffalo exercising further investigation to find an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
An EROC Suite exercising a route search to find IEDs
Publication Date 
12 Sep 2018

By Lt W.D.J. Dumais, 4 ESR

This year, 4 Engineer Support Regiment (4 ESR) took the lead for the EROC section commander and operator course. This gave 43 Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Squadron (43 C-IED Sqn) more flexibility with the planning of these courses. 4 ESR is also implicated in improving EROC doctrine and assists with the running of specific vehicle trials such as the Wolf and the Husky.

43 C-IED Sqn took the initiative to try a different approach: both courses were planned to overlap in order to give the Husky and Buffalo operators the opportunity to learn as part of an EROC echelon. The operator and the section commander course respectively ran from 04 April to 23 May and from 09 May to 01 June.
On the Operator course, candidates learned how to operate the Husky and the Buffalo, along with the Buffalo’s arm and the Buffalo’s gyro camera. On the section commander course, candidates learned how to control the Route Search Team section and the Intermediate Search Team section.

A large portion of the training was conducted on the new EROC training road which was constructed over the last year at Lauvina Woods. The new road has a total length of 1.06km with different slopes and curves, and contains 350m of asphalt, 335m of concrete slab, and 375m of gravel. There is a total of 13 culverts of different types and diameter, and a total of 18 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have been placed at different depths and location during the construction. This allows the Husky’s operators to see what different IEDs would look like in these environments. This road allows for the implementation of a high range of enemy scenarios, developing the initiative and decision making of future section commanders and operators.

With the new road constructed and 4 ESR having fully taken the lead on EROC operator and section commander courses, the Regiment can concentrate on improving course training plan (TP) and qualification standard (QS) while updating the EROC doctrine.