4 ESR Oromocto Food Bank Project

Members of 4 Engineer Support Regiment upon handing over the finished building to the Oromocto Food Bank
Publication Date 
25 Sep 2018

By Sgt Julien Forget, CD

Over the summer of 2018, 4 Engineer Support Regiment (4 ESR), 53 Construction Troop (53 CT), participated in a donation based project for the Oromocto Food Bank, situated on d’Amours Street in Oromocto. It consisted of the construction of a 16 feet x 26 feet storage unit for dry goods donated to the food bank, situated on a nearby vacant lot. The Oromocto Food Bank previously had a smaller storage unit donated by the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) but the needs for storage of the Oromocto Food Bank exceeded its capacity. 4 ESR, having originally built the main building for the food bank, were contacted for a much needed hand.

The Oromoto Food bank was able to accomplish this project through the generosity of the community, as the building was constructed completely from materials donated by local vendors. 4 ESR’s 53 CT, led by MCpl Robert Yates C.D., Cpl Tom Ripley and Cpl Matthew Annis C.D., took the lead for construction, providing the charitable organisation with expertise in different construction fields such as: heavy equipment, electrical distribution, plumbing and construction. 4 ESR also provided all labour, fuel and tools required to complete the project. This was a wonderful opportunity for 4 ESR’s craftsmen to work in a Civil/Military Cooperation (CIMIC) project.

Food Bank staff coordinated the applications, receipts and distribution of all required permits. They also synchronized with the site supervisors, providing the work site with all the materials in due time. The nice weather, generosity of local vendors and professionalism of all agencies involved, aided the project being completed on time. This was important due to the High Readiness deploy ability status of 4 ESR and its other engagements within 5 CDSG. The extent of the construction also provided the Oromocto Food bank with levelling of the surrounding grounds in the area to facilitate drainage and use of the area for exterior storage, some smaller projects were also performed during 4 ESR’s stay at the food bank, like a new wooden garbage bin and construction garbage disposal, which all ultimately lower services costs for the organisation.

The Oromocto Food bank and 4 ESR celebrated the build of this storage unit with a nice BBQ on August 16th. Some of the local vendors who donated materials came to meet the troops involved in the project.

The Oromocto Food Bank is a charitable organization that serves a population of over 27,000 in Oromocto and the surrounding area since 1987.