4 ESR in Action

4 ESR in Action
Publication Date 
26 Nov 2013

By Lt Babin, EOD Tp Comd, 43 C-IED Sqn, 4 ESR

Between the 16th and the 27th of September, 43 C-IED Sqn and personnel from Tech Services Supply Company conducted a remediation of Wellington Range, situated in the training area at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown. The task was daunting and considered by many almost impossible to achieve in the time allocated to the remediation. The professionalism and dedication of the Sappers involved proved, once again, that the members of 4 Engineer Support Regiment are able to thrive even during the most challenging tasks. More than 8000 pounds of munitions scrap, 50 pounds of propellant and 39 UXOs were removed from a wetland area at Wellington Range. By removing these items, the environmental impact was substantially reduced to the wildlife and the wetland in the vicinity of the range while also providing a sustainable training environment for soldiers in the years to come.

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