39 CER Association January 2023 Newsletter

Publication Date 
09 Jan 2023

In This Issue

  • President’s Report
  • Honours and Awards
  • Exercises
  • Sapper Appreciation Dinners
  • Honourary Colonel
  • 2022 CMEA Bursaries
  • Robbie Burns Dinner
  • Membership
  • 39 CER Association Contacts

President’s Report

Happy New Year to all.

You will be able top see that 39 CER rounded out the year with dinners to honour the Sappers and Soldiers that serve 39 CER! In addition, Ex PALADIN RESPONSE carries on and gets better every year. As you all know a lot of hard work by full time and part time staff at the Regiment goes into planning an exercise of this magnitude during the end of the year. This also includes support from 39 CBG HQ as well as support from 3 DIV HQ. All members of 39 CER should be proud of this exercise and what it accomplishes. Well done all. This newsletter is a good read from the beginning to the end. Enjoy.


Bill Wenman


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