34 CER Det Rouyn at the 2014 Army Run

34 CER Detachment Rouyn 2014 Army Run finishers.
Publication Date 
17 Sep 2014

On September 21, seven members of 34 CER Detachment Rouyn went to Ottawa for the 2014 Army Run.

With the goals of personal excellence and achievement, Captain André Parent, Sergeant Claude Migneault, Sergeant Martin Bédard, Sergeant Philippe Théberge, Sergeant Jean-François Gouin, Master Corporal Sébastien Bouchard-Doré and Corporal David Baillargeon completed the 21.1 km of the half marathon alongside 12,147 other runners. “This kind of race in an achievement in itself. The human body is not made for this sort of competition. You get a certain sense of pride from all of this,” said Sergeant Migneault, who is an experienced long-distance runner with five marathons under his belt.

Congratulations to Sergeant Bédard who led the group with a time of 1:51:32 and finished 1863th overall.

“I am extremely proud of the commitment of this group from Abitibi participating in this event that means a lot for the Canadian Army. Even though numbers at the detachment have decreased these past years, I am happy to see that the leaders are setting an example,” said Major André Desrochers, Commanding Officer of 34 CER Det Rouyn.

34 CER Det Rouyn is the only Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) unit in the greater region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue, that borders Ontario and the regions of Outaouais, Mauricie and Nord-du-Quebec. The rigorous lifestyle in the region promotes the physical fitness of its inhabitants serving in the CAF.