2CER - 25 Sp Sqn HET

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14 Nov 2016
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With a military exercise coming for 2CMBG (Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group), 2CER (Combat Engineer Regiment) HET (Heavy Equipment Troop) is looked towards to support Regimental exercise STORMING SAPPER and Brigade exercise STORMING BEAR. During the exercises, HET has been tasked with the expansion of the compound and support to the Field Squadrons. 2 CER HET is capable of overcoming any challenges that 2 CMBG sends our way. Some time ago, the Regiment has planned an expansion of the compound area. HET has been busy with grubbing, loading and hauling, and reshaping the ground. Grubbing consists in removal of vegetation, stumps, and trees. During the grubbing phase, all the vegetation is placed in a pile, then hauled away to fill a hole in Area E. Load and haul consists of dump trucks and articulating dump trucks to remove all the overburden in order to create a platform to work on. HET has removed an impressive 1500m3 of overburden out of the compound thus far. The final step is to use the grader in order to reshape the ground that has been grubbed. The grader is a specialty piece of heavy equipment that is used to precisely manipulate the material in order to achieve a specific angle of the terrain.

In addition to multiple tasks, HET helped the Field Squadrons in breaching obstacles when routes have been denied. To overcome these obstacles, HET relies on the use of a MPEV (Multi-Purpose Engineer Vehicle) to remove concrete blocks that can weight up to 4400lbs, barbed wire, and logs so that a route is open for future use. HET is also capable of route denial by emplacing hedge hogs (wooden obstacle) in order to slow down the enemy, or force the enemy too change its route due to a strong blocking obstacle. While HET can deny routes, we can grant access where the enemy has cratered. Cratering consists in the use of explosive to create massive holes in the earth. Due to the vast number of crater groups encountered on exercise STORMING SAPPER, HET loaded and hauled an impressive 800 cubic meters of material that now allow the use of the roads. In conclusion, HET is a vital resource to 2 CMBG, helping them adapt, overcome, and accomplish any given task. HET has completed an array of tasks during both exercise STORMING SAPPER and STORMING BEAR, that challenged the troop. Overall the training value of the exercise allowed HET to refreshed its Sapper Skills.