2015 Prairie Region Beaver Cup Hockey Tournament Hosted by 4 Wing Cold Lake

4 Wg Cold Lake Team 1 // Équipe 1 de la 4e Escadre de Cold Lake
1 CER Edmonton Team // Équipe 1 RGC Edmonton
4 Wg Cold Lake Team 2 // Équipe 2 de la 4e Escadre de Cold Lake
WLE CWO White presents MCpl Watts 1 CER Edm Tournament MVP Trophy // Adjuc White, SLI Ere, présente au Cplc Watts de l’équipe 1 RGC Edm le trophée e du JPU du tournoi
WCEO Maj Comeau presents Cpl Easton 1 CER Edm Top Goalie of Tournament Trophy // Maj Comeau, O GC Ere, présente au Cpl Easton de l’équipe
1 CER Edm 2015 Beaver Cup Champs // 1 RGC Edm, champions de la Beaver Cup de 2015
Publication Date 
13 May 2015

By Sgt Nathan MacLellan

The Beaver Cup hockey tournament is a longstanding tradition within the Canadian Military Engineer Community. It originated in the 1970s and was first hosted by CFB Borden, with the hope of boosting kinship and Esprit de Corps between units. Since then, Western, Central, and Atlantic divisions have been established, allowing teams across Canada to participate in this friendly tournament. The tournament is open to all serving or retired Military Engineers, DND Civilians and DCC employees who are employed by a military engineering unit/section within the western region.

This year’s tournament took place on 25 February, 2015 and was composed of three teams: 1CER from Edmonton along with two teams from 4WCE Cold Lake.

The tournament consisted of a single round robin and semi-final. All players had their eye on the coveted trophy; after a hard-fought battle it was taken home by 1 CER Edmonton with a score of 3-1 in the final game against Cold Lake.

The tournament was a rousing success, fostering positive relationships and comradeship between 4 Wing and our fellow engineers in Edmonton. As a testament to its success, members have already begun planning for the 2016 Beaver Cup!



Photographed by: Cpl Maillet 4 Wg Imaging