2 Wing’s Creation Sails on the Pacific

HMCS Vancouver manages a display representing Canada during the international reception at the end of Ex Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) on 4 Aug 16. The display was entirely designed and built by Cpl Lee-Ann Smith, a construction engineering technician with 2 Wing. // NCSM Vancouver utilise un présentoir représentant le Canada durant la réception internationale de clôture de l’exercice Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) le 4 août 2016. Le présentoir a été entièrement dessiné et fabriqué par la Cpl Lee-Ann Smith, tech
In the construction shop set-up under the RIMPAC 2016 Air Task Force engineering services tent, Cpl Lee-Ann Smith works on the display.// Dans l’atelier de construction installé sous la tente des services d’ingénierie de la Force opérationnelle aérienne durant l’exercice RIMPAC 2016, Cpl Lee-Ann Smith travaille à la fabrication d’un présentoir.. Photo credit: Capt Vanessa Morin-Nappert
Cpl Lee-Ann Smith of 2 Wing Air Expeditionary Squadron, manufactured from scratch this illuminated booth while she was deployed on RIMPAC 2016. The stand representing Canada and the three coastal regions, the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic coasts. // La Cpl Lee-Ann Smith, membre du 2e Escadron expéditionnaire aérien de la 2e Escadre, a fabriqué de toute pièce ce présentoir illuminé alors qu’elle était déployée sur l’exercice RIMPAC 2016. Ce présentoir représentait le Canada et ces trois régions côtières, soit
Publication Date 
13 Sep 2016

Originally printed in Journal de la BFC de Bagotville, Le Vortex, September 2016, volume 11, number 9

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Vancouver was asked to provide a display booth representing Canada during the international reception at the end of Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) on August 4, 2016.

The Air Task Force (ATF), deployed by 2 Wing to support air operations, was approached to lend a hand to HMCS Vancouver. ATF Construction Engineering Services, always on the lookout for new projects, developed the idea of creating the Canadian booth.

Cpl Lee-Ann Smith, a construction engineering technician and member of the 2 Wing Air Expeditionary Squadron deployed on RIMPAC, was immediately motivated. Using Autocad, she designed the entire drawing from A to Z. Inspired by each region of Canada, she drew the entire project. On the Pacific coast, she included a bear in the middle of gigantic trees on the edge of the ocean. For the Atlantic region, she drew a moose walking on the banks of the ocean and in a forest. Central Canada was represented by a beaver walking through the Rocky Mountains. To represent the North and the Arctic, she placed an Inukshuk over the mountains. Finally, she included the logo of the Canadian Armed Forces representing the three elements (air, sea, land) as RIMPAC is a joint exercise.

She presented her drawings and everyone was thrilled. Once the initiative and drawings approved, Cpl Smith began work – she built the display in only 5 days! To simulate the stars, lights were added by Cpl St-Louis, an electrician from the same squadron and deployed with Cpl Smith.

The display was a huge success. HMCS Vancouver staff were so impressed that a request was made to the ATF for the display to travel at sea with HMCS Vancouver for six months and to be used during official receptions on the Ship. A fine example of joint participation.