Renewing Your Membership

Maintaining your CMEA membership helps to perpetuate and foster the traditions, the wellbeing and the esprit de corps of the entire CME Family, while keeping you up to date with the people and activities of the Canadian Military Engineers. The CMEA is the Voice of the Engineers; it honours our traditions and heritage, and is here to assist Engineers and their families in times of need.

If you have any questions about maintaining or renewing your membership application, please address them to the CMEA Registrar.

Method of Payment

Membership renewal will depend on whether you are using a pay allotment or have paid using a credit card or cheque:

  • Pay Allotments - Members using pay allotments do not need to renew their memberships as long as the pay allotment is active. If they cancel their pay allotment, they are to contact the Registrar to arrange renewal. 
  • Credit Card or Cheque - Members who have paid for their membership via online payment or using a cheque or money order will need to renew their membership when the current term is over.

Email Notification

The CMEA uses a ‘push’ system to initiate membership renewals. That is we ‘push’ or send out renewal notices to members one month before the renewal dates.  Unless you feel we have missed your renewal, you need not contact us.

When you receive your email, simply click on the enclosed link.  You will be taken to the CMEA website where you can view the renewal details. The default payment is always for one year.  However, if you wish to pay for a longer period, the option is available. 

DND Email Addresses

Please use an email address other than a <strong></strong> address. DND security measures do not allow online payments on our system. if your membership profile includes a DND email address (, the DND firewall will remove the link details. We prefer you use a civilian email address to avoid this issue.


If you have any questions or want to pay without having received notification of renewal (or you may have lost the renewal email), please contact the CMEA Registrar.

Page updated 02 Aug 17