No Sapper Can Be Forgotten 06 December 2017

Remembrance Poppy
Publication Date: 
05 Dec 2017

Last Post entries acknowledge the service, military and civilian, each of these people made over their lives. Last Posts are published as they are completed, regardless of when the person died. Our listings are presented in the order in which we were informed.

The following Last Posts were published over the past month. 

Lest we forget.  

Date of Death   Fallen Comrade
16 Feb 2006   Norman Ralph Anderson
1 Sep 2003   WOII Alex Donald Armstrong (Ret’d)
28 Nov 2017   WO Michael Tomlin, CD (Ret'd)
01 Jan 2004   Lloyd M. Bergson
16 Oct 2017   John Douglas “Jack” King
18 Nov 2016   Spr Daniel "Dan" Galipeau (Ret'd)
01 Dec 2017   F/O Douglas Edgar Stevenson, GM, CD (Ret'd)
26 Nov 2017   Reginald Duncan Streeter
28 Nov 2017   Cpl Travis Douglas Wright (Ret'd)
07 Mar 2012   James Randall Cornwall
09 Apr 2004   Spr Gilles J "Gil" Cormier (Ret'd)
17 Sep 2006   Bernard Tremaine "Bunny" Coolen
08 Mar 2005   Capt Sydney Mansbridge, CD (Ret'd)
26 Oct 2017   Spr William Douglas "Doug" Neilson (Ret'd)
28 Jan 2011   Cpl Robert John "Bob" Cunningham (Ret'd)